What is DIO Fine Furnishings?

We’d like to think of ourselves as a fun-loving bunch who came together for one common purpose – to connect with you. Whether you’re six or 60, living in Singapore or South Africa, DIO Fine Furnishings ( DFF in short ) can reach you in a very special way. Since our launch in Jan 2012, many customers have written to us to tell us how we’ve shaped and raised the bar for furniture rental business and made a positive difference in every event.

ISN’T DIO Fine Furnishings another furniture rental business?

Absolutely not! Firstly, we’re available any time, any day, as long as you have an iPhone, Blackberry or a computer with Internet connection. Secondly, we are able to complete turn key projects with you as we are supported by cool artisans and new technology. Most importantly, we are the first to move ahead with furniture brands, not just supplying but real experience in the designers’ labels and background. In fact, we’ll be bringing you all the latest – guaranteed fresh and fulfilling!